Garden Design For Your Family House via Email

Who I Am

Vladimir Holub

geobotanist / dendrologist

Hi there. My name is Vladimir Holub and I am from Czech Republic. I studied geobotany at Faculty of Sciences on Charles University in Prague. After my studies I worked as a dendrologist at Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic in Prague and at The Silva Tarouca Research Institute for Landscape and Ornamental Gardening in Pruhonice. During this time I gained a lot of valuable knowledge about the biology, ecology and health of trees, shrubs and other plants. 

Recently I completed the construction of a family house and now I am creating my garden. It is beautiful work, but by no means simple. I realized that for people without enough knowledge about the life and needs of plants, inventing their own garden must be very challenging. Method of trial and error. And so it can be sometimes quite expensive. 

My Services

That's why I decided to start helping people with their dream garden. I will reflect my acquired knowledge about plants in the design of your garden. My goal is to recommend you plants suitable for your garden. But of course you can customize this project. Then it will only depend on your time and financial possibilities. It is DIY garden project. I will send you this project by email in PDF format during 4 weeks (see sample garden design). The price of the project is 600 euro (i.e. 700 USD or 500 GBP).

Are you interested in my services? Great! I will need some information from you. Please fill in the following form carefully. I will check the information you have sent and, if necessary, ask you to complete it. The information, photos or files (eg. screenshots of your garden from Google Maps, sketch of your dream garden etc.) you provide, will help me a lot in inventing your dream garden. Before I start working on the design of your garden, I will ask you to send a deposit of 50% of the total amount on my PayPal account. Thank you for understanding. 

Order Form

If you have a problem sending photos or files through the order form (sometimes it happens when VPN is on), you can send them directly to my private email address. Thank you.

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